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Look up

The Doctor had put in the destination and put the TARDIS in go. Although he was feeling more than a little stressed, which of course was being picked up on by the TARDIS. He looked to the Master and his Paradox and scowled a little "It's ok, we'll be back in Glasgow in no time" he muttered sparing a look at Mira "Where we'll get you a guitar. Ok?"
The Master was sulking in a corner, curled up with his Paradox. They made no effort to hide their affection for each other. They never had. "I'm leaving as soon as we get there," he pouted. "I don't want to be here anymore."
Mira stayed where she was sitting, biting her lip. She knew Doc was stressed and wished she could help, but she was probably part of the problem.
"You're not wanted here either" he snapped pulling a couple of levers and pushing buttons. "You hurt people indiscrimiately" he said firmly. "I won't have it-" he scowled kicking a console. "What the hell is wrong?" he asked giving it another kick.
"So I'll burn Glasgow to the ground," he snapped. "And I'll die with it. Would that make you happy?"
"You can't kill everyone there you moron." Yeah she knew that it was probably a bad idea, but really, he needed some sense knocked into him. "And you're not even sure if it'll kill you."
The Doctor looked a little smug, his Mira, pointing out a flaw in the masters logic. "Ha!" he muttered before scowling at a beeping console.
Paradoc scowled "He can try........ right?"
"Course I can try," he sulked. "I don't have any more regenerations, either, so suicide won't lead to a genderswap. Besides, I'd rather like to go out burning. It's how Gallifrey died."
She bit her lip. "Doc you really shouldn't kick TARDIS." She then looked at Master. "Yet that's all you care about isn't it?"
The Doctor sighed, Mira was right. But he was annoyed. He walked over to the Master and pulled him up, pushing the Paradox away "Then lets try it. Lets look into the heart of the TARDIS"
The Master blinked, startled. He cast a glance over at his Paradox, who just watched him, and looked back up at the Doctor. "Really? Now?"
Mira looked at both of them. "Wait... Huh Doc... is that really a good idea?" She's worried about what'll happen, not just to Doc and Master, but to Tardis.
"Yes, now" he glanced to Mira "It's ok. I've taken the energy of the TARDIS before" he looked the Master "Ready to risk it?"
"Yes," he said firmly. "I want to be fixed. I won't live like this any longer."
She nodded even though she didn't like it. "Is TARDIS okay with it?"
The Doctor ran a hand over a panel, and the heart started to open. "It wants this resolved one way or another"
"What will happen to me if it ends badly?" Theta asked nervously.
The Master was nervous as well, but with Theta already worrying he wasn't about to let it show. "Yes, before we try this, there are some things we need to go over. First, if I go madder, you have to promise to kill me, and second, if I die, you have to take care of Theta. /Good/ care of him, Doctor."
Mira watched the three. "Okay... wait, what does it mean to look into the heart of the TARDIS, because really, you guys are acting like it's more dangerous than watching a sun go up..." She meant going Nova, but hey, they'd know what she meant right?
The Doctor looked at Mira, how to explain "A human took on the heart of the TARDIS, she started to go insane. She placed warnings about it, through out time and space 'Bad Wolf' you may have even seen one. She created Jack as he is now. A fix point, unkillable..... I took it from her it-" he didn't end that sentance
He really needed to get this over with quickly before he let someone see how ancy he was about it. "Yes, yes, it's very dangerous, now promise you'll do what I asked and let's do this."
Jack was mentioned... "Rose," She bit her lip. "I... I should get out of the room just in case." She scrambled to her feet fully. She didn't want to risk that happening again, she was crazy enough as it was without her guitar to help as an outlet.
The Doctor sighed "So be it" he told the Master before looking to Mira he nodded "Yes good idea, keep your eyes closed. If anything happens to me. Keep an eye on the TARDIS, they have been known to be over dramatic" he said to a beep of protest.
Theta scowled "Please.......I don't want you to die......."
"Theta, hush." He kissed the other impulsively, wanting to comfort him but knowing that such a feat was impossible. "Ready, Doctor?"
Mira went for the other room, but did keep listening. If Theta and Master did anything funny, she had the repaired robot which she'd use if she had to to protect TARDIS and Doc.
The Doctor nodded taking the Masters hand he led him to the light. Looking in as the panel finished opening.
Theta screwed his eyes shut whispering comforting words to himself.
The Master took a deep breath before looking into the light, shuddering as it filled him up. He forced himself to relax, to accept it. When he'd looked into the Vortex as a child, he'd been so fearful, and it had only made the experience worse.
Mira leaned against the wall and sank down to the floor worried about what was going on.
After a moment the Panel snapped shut. Theta stayed still scared about what was happening. "K...koschei?" he whispered quietly.
The Doctor Gasped, letting his body collapse with a groan.
Koschei, for that was who he was now, stared blankly ahead for several moments, before he went limp and fell to the floor beside the Doctor.
Hearing them fall and went to scrambled to Doc's side. "Doc? You okay?" She pulled him close not sure what to.
Theta slowly opened his eyes seeing the two time lords unconsious he rushed to the Master's side. "Koschei? Master? Are you ok?" he asked checking that both hearts were beating.
White light escpaed the Doctor's lips.
Koschei didn't stir just yet, exhaling white light just as the Doctor before sinking further into the ground as his lungs emptied.
"Doc, come on..." She followed Theta's example checking his hearts. Both sounded like they were beating. She pulled him closer closing her eyes. Leaning in she started humming softly, it was the first song that had played at the Stones concert they had gone to. She hoped if he heard it it would help guide him back.
Theta studied the Master wondering if it had worked. Wondering if he'd regenerate. "Please....please wake up" he murmered even knowing it would take some time. "I'm taking him to the zero room, it'll help" he said carefully picking the Master up. He glanced at the Doctor, he could see the light increasing around him. "He's regeneateing. Or trying"
Koschei moaned softly without waking as Theta picked him up. His head fell back even as he curled insticntively closer to him.
Mira gave a small nod knowing she wouldn't be able to move doc without help. "Doc it's okay, you'll be fine..." She brushed his hair back shifting to get him more comfortable in her lap.
Theta took Koschei to the Zero room, although it took a while to find it. He set the Master down stroking his hair "I'm glad you didn't regenerate" he whispered kissing him softly.
The Doctor groaned his body bathed in light
While Koschei wasn't regenerating, his body was going through a series of changes. He trembled, still out cold, as sweat began to bead across his skin.
"Come on Doc, you said you wouldn't leave, an' I don't think I can make TARDIS happy without you..."
Theta stroked Koschei, laying down beside him, "It'll be ok" he whispered holding him.
The Doctor's body was changing, becoming new, and different.
He moaned quietly, fingers curling into fists. He was pale, eyes wandering feverishly beneath closed lids.
Mira kept holding the Doctor, her lips brushing over his brow. "It'll be okay..."
An alarm started to sound, to tell them that they'd reached the destination, the landing a heavy bump as a fire started on a control panel.
Koschei started, fevered eyes flickering open for a moment before closing again.
"Fuck..." Mira yelped as she was bounced on the floor pretty hard. Carefully setting Doc down she scrampled for the fire extinguisher. "Come on... Don't do this to me please..."
Theta scowled hearing alarms he sighed "I'm Sorry Koschei, I must help" He kissed him softly before chasing off to deal with an alarm.
The Doctor groaned his body convulsing a little. The Change difficult.
Koschei made a quiet sound as Theta departed, curling into himself as pain shivered through him.
Mira had managed to put out the fire, and was trying to get Doc from the control room. Sinking to the floor beside her she bit her lip.


Look up

December 2010



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